Daring Audio Edge Activator - Bass Harmonic Excitation with Mid Boost/Cut


Daring Audio

The sparkle, spank and clarity of new strings and new pickups, all in one box for any bass, any amp and any setting live or studio. Perfect for snap, pop, clang, twang and clear deep structure, definition and finish for professional studio sound. More definition & articulation – without the squash of a compressor.

Enables “Funk Spank” by simulating the bright twang of new strings to cut through the mix with a new definition of tone. Goes beyond exciters and enhancers, activates your tone and creativity. Enables “Attack Jack” adding harmonic bite to form an aggressive edge for Rock. Gain controls amount of harmonic overdrive which excites different frequencies depending on EDGE knob setting. The MIX control sets the level of harmonics added to the dry signal path to control the overall effect. Specially voiced narrow band active mid-range boost or cut in the EQ knob for removing the “clack” noise common when playing percussive techniques like slapping and popping. There is no substitute for this Spankster. The Edge Activator goes beyond enhancement – by exciting and intensifying your bass. It gives it solid character and punch that must be heard to be believed.

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