Daredevil Pedals '77 IC Op-Amp Fuzz v4


Chicago Music Exchange

Exclusive to Chicago Music Exchange, Daredevil Pedals brings us a modern update of the highly sought after 1977 Op-Amp Big Muff. The '77 is an IC-based Fuzz and Distortion pedal, capable of producing over-the-top distortion with gobs of sustain, to huge wooly vintage fuzz. Higher gain settings provide a full-range, harmonically rich wall of sound that captures the elusive tone heard on "Siamese Dream"; rolling the gain back provides a gritty classic rock grind.

Controls include Volume, Tone, and Sustain. Use the volume knob to control the overall signal level. Using the tone control counter-clockwise will bring out more bass frequencies while turning clockwise will bring out brighter tones. Last but not least, the sustain knob controls the amount of gain. Unlike previous recreations of Big Muff pedals, the tone knob is extremely functional on the '77 IC, and can change the character from over-the-top bass heavy fuzz, to tight and aggressive distortion.

Daredevil Pedals are quality effects pedals built in Chicago. From vintage to modern, they make it happen. All pedals are hand built true bypass, with high quality components, and come with 9V external DC jacks.

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