Daredevil Pedals Nova Fuzz


Finally, a fuzz pedal that does what you’ve always wanted it to. The NOVA is a Daredevil original design using silicon transistors. A fuzz that you can use for tight rhythm tones without the mush. It has great harmonic sustain, a bright raspy edge, and stacks great with other effects.

Highly touch sensitive and dynamic, It’s also loud enough to be used as a solo boost. A lot of fuzzes only sound good with the gain cranked. The Sustain control on the NOVA lets you go from mild and open distorted tones when fully CCW, growing all the way to sweet crunchy fuzz when dimed. There is a wide range of how it can be dialed in.

There is a tightness to it, palm muted chords hold their own, there’s no “woof” like muffs, and your tone doesn’t disappear into mud like with FF’s. You can still hear individual notes when playing chords, and it cleans up well using the Saturation control. From bluesy to aggressive and all points in between, this is the pedal. The NOVA stays bright and rich, great for layering with other OD’s/boosts and for fuzzed out solos that sing. True bypass.

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