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Daredevil Pedals

Steve Dollinger, the owner of Music Solutions, contacted Daredevil about building a clone of his super rare Sekova fuzz that dates to 1973. These were built and sold in Japan, based on a variation of the early triangle muff. These have more gain than a stock triangle or Ram's head, but similar high output and tone stack. Johnny, from Daredevil, went through and traced the circuit, measuring transistor gains, pots, and voltages. The result was a faithful copy that had all the raw but singing attitude of the original.

The Music Solutions crew was happy but both parties thought it would be cool to do a short run of these given how hard to find and expensive the originals are...($1000 +...) So here you have it. All hand wired, NOS transistors and diodes, true bypass, dc jack, open faced Neutrik jacks and alpha pots. This is our favorite muff circuit and we have them available for all of your rock n roll needs... Get one while you can.

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