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First things first,  let's just clear the air and establish that this is in no way related to a TSwhatever or any other IC based Overdrive.  No IC's, no magic rare diodes, no buffers, just transistors and rock n roll power.  Want to make your non-MV amp sound like it's cranked without giving your sound guy a heart attack?... Want to boost your guitar without making all your other pedals sound like crap?...  Want an OD that  doesn't diminish your low end and mess with your amps EQ?... here ya go. 

True bypass, hand wired. Takes you from a boost to BIG overdrive to ripping distortion tones.  Bright control helps dial it in for solos that cut, or tames that sharp high end from single coils.  This is a giant sounding pedal, lots of output and attitude.  And for all you Bass players that have been asking me for a drive pedal....the Knuckle Duster sounds great with bass and keeps a natural amp overdrive feel without all the compression and muddy low end.

More video demos to come including bass.  Rock on.

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