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Based on the classic Arbiter design, this is the Daredevil version of the biting, singing, grit that comes from a Silicon transistor Fuzz Face. Loud and dynamic, this one has all the sonic depth and crunchy mids you want from a vintage style fuzz. The circuit has been improved to give a bottom end that is tighter and more defined, and tweaked to eliminate noise or oscillation when maxed out. The transistor selection is different than most clones, quality parts made in the USA, and fine tuned on every single build. The Gold Leader can do Vintage to Doom and all points in between. Unlike the standard Gold Leader pedal, this model comes with the NOS AC128 chip, making this set-up one of a kind. Like all Daredevil pedals it is true bypass and hand wired for a long life of rock n roll abuse and includes a 9V DC Jack. Rock On.

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