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Daredevil Pedals

Brand new from Daredevil... the Almighty Bass.

It's not a muff, it's not a rat... this is an original design bass driver that covers a wide scope of sounds.

A lot of people dislike how bass pedals tend to overly compress their tone, the Almighty Bass has a raw, open feel to it. Sounds aggressive like natural amp distortion. Warm and deep, bright and fuzzed out, or any shape of distortion in between.

Lemmy, Cliff, Electric Wizard, SVT on 10, B-15 combo... it's in there.

It gets LOUD if you want it...no buffers, it plays nice with other pedals on your board.

P.S. it sounds great with guitar too!

True bypass, hand wired, no PCBs, built in Chicago. Get one and make the sound guy mic your rig...


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