D'Angelico (by Pigtronix) Pedal III - Dimension (Chorus), Drive & Envelope


D'Angelico III

Chorus, overdrive & auto-wah for electric guitar

  • controls: 
    • switches for dimension (chorus), drive & envelope (auto-wah)
    • Dimension: sensitivity, source & speed
    • Drive: gain, volume & tone
    • Envelope: sensitivity & resonance
  • 1x 6,3mm input
  • 1x 6,3mm output
  • incl. 18VDC power supply

Psychedelic tone trifecta. This limited-run pedal straight from Pigtronix's Custom Shop features three touch-sensitive analog effects in a single stompbox. The envelope-controlled phaser brings the funk, ranging from smooth blooms to loud squawks, while the Pigtronix Quantum Modulator powers the dimension section, allowing for cascading double-chorus effects. Similar to the D'Angelico Pedal II, the Pedal III's drive is based on Pigtronix's FAT overdrive, providing vintage warmth.

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