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Dandy Job

The Whipple Wah pedal is personally handmade using the famous Whipple Wah Inductor, custom designed Whipple Wah PCB, and classic Wah circuit.

The Whipple Wah pedal comes custom constructed using only best sounding parts, then fully-tweaked by Dr. Steam Whipple himself.

The Whipple Wah sound can be heard from all the greats: yes-Clapton, yes-Hendrix, yes-Zappa, yes-Page, yes-Beck, yes-yes-SRV.

This pedal does not suffer "kitchen sink" syndrome. No extra knobs, buttons, boosts, faucets, squeezers, or choppers; it does not slice or dice, but it does WAH.

It is pure Whipple Wah Pedal.


  • 100 % Handmade
  • Custom Metal Case with handy tension screw to adjust the pedal feel
  • Whipple Wah Inductor
  • Whipple PCB
  • 100K ICAR Pot
  • True Bypass
  • Low noise resistors
  • Classic Wah tones
  • Tasty Rubber Feet (do not eat)

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