Dan Armstrong Ripper


Dan Armstrong (Vintage Tone Project)

Following in the footsteps of the Orange Crusher, Vintage Tone Project is rolling out the RIPPER! The Ripper brings back the tone of the 70's Blue Clipper® distortion unit. The pedal is updated with stompbox layout, true bypass switching, external volume control, and a filter control. Gain can be controlled with your guitar's volume knob. Great for solos. Great for metal. Great for classic rock. Great for blues.

The Ripper Features:

  • Killer, Versatile Distortion
  • Huge Boost
  • Adjustable Filter Control
  • External Volume Control
  • Singing Sustain
  • True-Bypass
  • SwitchCraft Jacks
  • 3PDT Heavy-Duty Stomp Switch
  • 1% Military Spec. Metal Film Resistors
  • Blue LED
  • Boss Style AC Adapter Jack

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