Dan Armstrong Orange Crusher




Dan Armstrong (Vintage Tone Project)

In Dan's own words:

"The legendary, original DAN ARMSTRONG ORANGE SQUEEZER® is BACK! The ORANGE CRUSHER....the SQUEEZER for the twenty-first century. The ORANGE CRUSHER is on the floor with an indicator light, a volume control, a stomp switch, battery eliminator jack, and in a great little orange box. Its quieter, quicker, smoother, and smarter.

The ORANGE CRUSHER is a compressor designed specially for the electric guitar. Ordinary compressors lose the guitar's attack....the CRUSHER enhances it. You can play anywhere on the fingerboard and be sure that all notes will speak right up, and hang in there.....chords have a new strength, power, and definition. This is SUSTAIN! The ORANGE CRUSHER has been called 'NEARLY MYSTICAL' by reviewers. Just a wonderful gadget for the guitar, and bass and keyboards too."

Dan supervised the entire design process every step of the way to ensure it was exactly the way he wanted it.

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