Dan Armstrong Green Ringer - Frequency Multiplier



  • On/Off
    turns the effect on/off


these were also produced by Musitronics in the USA.

Dan Armstrong (reissue)

If a single note is played into the Ringer it will produce a second tone one octave above the original note. but if two notes are played into it, it will produce sum and different tones just like a ring modulator. Depending on the musical interval between the two notes, the additional tones the Ringer produces will be harmonically related to the original notes (such as sub octaves) or dissonant. The Ringer gives the musician much better control over the effect produced than a conventional ring modulator, since he is no longer playing against an arbitrary modulator frequency. The Ringer features an Input Impedance of 100 k Ohms. The Ringer has an Output Impedance of 500 ohms, and a Signal-to-Noise ratio of 86 db.


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