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Orange Crusher Compressor + Ripper Distortion + Ring Modulator Octave Effect

We've put three incredible Dan Armstrong classic effects in ONE unit. Now you have the incredible Dan Armstrong Orange Crusher compressor plus the tone of the classic 70's Blue Clipper® distortion effect plus the tone of the pseudo-ring modulator and octave effect of the Green Ringer®. If you can find these rare effects, you'll likely pay more than $600 for them, plus they won't be true bypass and won't be in stompbox form. We have descriptions of the 70's effects from vintage Musitronics' literature

We worked with Dan Armstrong to get these effects right. Here's your chance to own several in one package -built the way DAN WANTED THEM.

The Orange Crusher Compressor Stage:

  • The Compressor that set the standard for compressors.
  • Dan's updated Orange Squeezer® circuit for the Twenty-First Century!
  • Compression that DOESN'T DESTROY YOUR ATTACK (unlike the other compressors out there!)
  • Your tone stays pristine.
  • Everything you want in a compressor and nothing you don't!
  • External Volume Control - Orange LED

The Pseudo-Ring Modulator Octave Stage:

  • Below the twelfth fret, you get a great fuzz and octave tone - nice distortion with a cool octave added in
  • Above the twelfth fret, you get a crazy pseudo ring modulator - strange synth-like sounds - throw in a wah and get pure madness!
  • Green LED

The Ripper Distortion Stage:

  • Super singing sustain with great fuzz and distortion tone
  • Accurate Blue Clipper® distortion tone and circuitry
  • Smooth distortion without overly harsh high order harmonics
  • Level Control and Bright Blue LED

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