Damage Control Time Line


  • Time
  • Repeats
  • Mode
  • Mix
  • Grit
  • Depth
  • Speed
  • Filter
  • Smear
  • On/Bypass
  • Tap Tempo


Damage Control

the Ultimate Delay

  • Advanced, meticulously detailed delay algorithms with unprecedented control.
  • Mod Delay, Slap, Long, Tap, Ping-pong, Multi-head, and Reverse delay types.
  • 20 second Two-Track Looper with tempo sync and individual pan/level controls.
  • Reverse delay features real-time alignment with your playing for consistently repeatable live performances.
  • Say goodbye to “models.” Continuously variable time, feedback, mix, mod speed/depth, grit, filter and smear controls let you go places modelers never dreamed of. Go between the models and create sounds that are truly unique.
  • True stereo operation.
  • Crafted with love in the USA

Superior Analog Performance

  • Analog dry signal path for ZERO latency operation.
  • Premium quailty A/D & D/A converters coupled with analog dry path allow an astounding 115dB Signal to Noise ratio typical.
  • 96kHz, 32-bit floating point processing throughout.
  • Tube-buffered wet signal path. Dual 12AX7s run at their full 250V plate voltage for the warmest and fattest digital effects available anywhere.
  • Transparent analog buffered bypass so your pedal will work equally well in front of an amp, in a loop or on a mixing console.

Intuitive User Interface and Operation

  • All parameters instantly available real-time during performance. No hidden menus to dig through. Continuously variable.
  • 8 easily accessible presets.
  • Full MIDI implementation allows extended control for those with more complex rigs.
  • Delay is both Tap tempo and Strum tempo enabled.

Damage Control (2006-2007)

The TimeLine Multi-Dimesional Delay is the world's finest and most versatile delay product. 96KHz processing buffered by dual 12AX7's produces un-compromised signal quality of the processed sound, while the analog dry path ensures transparency. From vibrato, phasing, flanging and chorus, to slap-back, long echoes, multi-head and reverse, the TimeLine's continuous controls let you create your sound simply by turning knobs. The user presets, tap tempo, strum tempo, 2-track looping, and MIDI implementation make sure the TimeLine delivers in any performance or studio application.

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