Damage Control Solid Metal


Damage Control

Pure Class A Distortion

  • Massive dual 12AX7 tube saturation.
  • Unruly amounts of class A gain.
  • Active EQ with treble, bass and mid scoop controls.
  • Unique bass control adjusts your speaker's resonant peak response for chest pounding lows. “Palm mutes from hell.”
  • High order multi-stage treble control for detailed high end response.
  • Scoop control allows you to easily shape your mid EQ from classic to progressive/modern.
  • 20dB of additional footswitchable gain via “nuclear” footswitch.
  • Remote switchable via standard TRS cable and remote switching controller.
  • Crafted with love in the USA

Superior Analog Performance

  • True Bypass. No compromise relay true bypass for zero loss bypass signal performance. NO tonal degradation.
  • Premium low noise signal path.
  • Dual 12AX7s run at their full 250V plate voltage. No starving plates here.

Damage Control (2006-2007)

The Solid Metal dual-tube distortion pedal produces massive, face-melting gain. Flexible controls let you dial in metal tones from the 80's to beyond tomorrow. The unique shape of the Bass control adjusts the speaker's resonant response for the proper level of chest-thump during tight palm-muted passages, while the Scoop and Treble knobs sculpt and top off your tone to perfection.

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