Damage Control Liquid Blues



Damage Control (2007)

The Liquid Blues dual-tube overdrive pedal can persuade any amp to walk down a dark alley. But with the unique Clarity control, you can keep it clean, even when things get rough. The Drive knob takes you from clean to medium-gain tones, while the Opto-Compressor controls the dynamics of the clipping from down and dirty to smooth and sophisticated.

  • Dual 12AX7 tubes biased at 250V internally
  • Aluminum die-cast chassis
  • Switchable 10DB nuclear gain boost
  • High-quality pre-drive opto-compression
  • Unique Clairty control blends in compressed signal with drive signal
  • Advanced-order Treble control for detailed high-end response
  • Comprehensive LED indicators
  • Power supply included
  • Remote switching

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