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Damage Control (2006)

The Demonizer is an absolutely nuclear tube preamp, direct recording device, and floor pedal. The Demonizer reacts like a tube amp's combined preamp and power amp sections delivering tones ranging from clean progressive rock to bone-crushing metal. The Bionic EQ allows extensive tone shaping both pre and post tube stages, while the analog optical compression delivers the stainless steel polish your music demands. As the world's finest direct recording device for guitar, the Demonizer's range and quality of tone are unparalelled.

Dual 12AX7 Tubes

The tone starts here. The Demonizer's and Womanizer's high voltage tube circuits are individually optimized to provide each preamp with a distinctive voice. In the Demonizer, two cascading gain stages provide huge amounts of tube-saturated distortion and sustain, followed by a proprietary tube output stage that provides you with not only the sound, but the all-important feel of a great tube head. The Womanizer's tube circuits are configured as four cascading gain stages to create the subtleties and nuances of a pure Class A combo.

Direct Recording Output

A 14th order analog network that goes beyond traditional techniques was developed after extensive testing and analysis of professionaly mic'ed speakers cabinets. This analog solution delivers a highly responsive feel while preserving the high frequency presence of great recorded guitar tones. When using the Direct Out, the Womanizer and Demonizer remain fully responsive to your picking dynamics and your guitar's volume control. The sense of connection between what you play and what you hear is unprecedented. If you want REAL guitar tone direct into a console or full-range PA, then you need the tube-driven analog signal path of the Womanizer and the Demonizer.

Analog Opto-Compressor

The analog opto-compressor produces studio quality compression comparable to a high-end rack unit. The compression shapes the amplitude and envelope of the pre-distortion signal, allowing for fat sustained clean tones, supurb touch-sensitive clipping, sophisticated smooth-clipped overdrive and ultra-smooth, saturated distortions.

Bionic EQ

You're in total control with the comprehensive Pre EQ nd Post EQ sections. The active semi-parametric Pre EQ allows you to drive the tubes with varying levels of punch or finese, while the active Post EQ allows flexible tone-shaping after the tube stages.

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