D*A*M ZU-65 Zoot Unit


D*A*M (Differential Audio Manifestationz)

The D*A*M Zoot Unit ZU-65. A faithful replication of Doncaster's finest - The John Hornby Skewes Zonk Machine. There are primitive sounding fuzz pedals and then there was the Zonk Machine. If you like a good deal of clean-up from your fuzz pedals and love that dynamic interaction between instrument and amplifier, move along, there's nothing for you here. This thing is primal, covered in hair and shouldn't be fed after midnight. 

Built around three stringently tested and selected germanium transistors, namely a Texas Instruments 2G374, a Mullard OC84 and a Mullard OC82DM, the ZU-65 delivers an intensely archaic fuzz tone whose seeds were planted over 50 years ago. A similar circuit to that of the 1965 Tone Bender MKI but with a little bit more of a degree of similarity to the MKI's origin; the Fuzz Tone FZ-1, the ZU-65 has a bright and at times compressed nature to how it distorts. It yields an almost squelchy tone that has a fast attack but having a heavily decayed trial off as notes and chords ring out. 

The ZU-65 is temperature sensitive, as with most circuit types of this vintage, and does prefer the warmer weather. Results obtained from the 'Fuzz' control will alter as the ZU-65 operates at differing temperatures and is best viewed as a means to tune the circuit. If like fuzz boxes in the true sense of the word and don't demand the modern day expectations of something that operates more like an overdrive pedal The Zoot Unit will be your friend for life.

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