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This is a superior quality Germanium powered Booster that was designed to help drive Valve amplifiers into Overdrive and to create Valve overload at low volume settings but it really does has umpteen uses. The Rooster can be a treble booster, a bass booster, is great for a solo booster, works wonders in zinging up muddy sounding fuzz boxes and will even make weak flat sounding pick-ups warm, dynamic and full bodied.

The Red Rooster is a muscle bound; highly tuned version of a very old effect from the 1960's called the "Dallas Rangemaster" .The Rangemaster was originally a treble booster that sat on top your amp had no footswitch or any means to control the frequency and could get noisy at times. Original Rangemaster's are really hard to find, cost an absolute bloody fortune and are usually in need of some improvement for use in a modern day scenario, enter the Red Rooster. The Red Rooster offers several advantages over its distant cousin:

  1. True bypass switching so it is totally removed from the guitars signal when switched off, it will also not bleed through and dull your guitars original tone.
  2. Features a "Range" control so treble, full range and bass boost can be acquired. It also means it is well suited to either single coil of humbucking pick-ups of varying output and gain levels.
  3. Uses a specially selected and tested high grade military grade germanium transistor.
  4. Negative grounding unlike the originals so it can be used with a standard multi plug power supply.
  5. Adjustable biasing so that the high quality gain selected transistor is correctly set up and produce a bold, clear dynamic tone with a large amount of sustain.
  6. Low noise circuitry using high grade Ero Vishay film capacitors, BC components Electrolytic capacitors, 1% tolerance metal film resistors, audio grade Alpha potentiometers, Eagle plastics control knobs and Switchcraft jack sockets.
  7. A heavy duty UK made cast aluminium enclosure finished in a highly durable stove enamelled hammer tone paint job.

The Controls

  • "Range" makes the unit capable of producing crystal clear shimmering highs to a fat grunting wall of bass.
  • "Boost" sets the overall output and gain levels. Pushing it up past half way makes things a lot more hairy and really shoves that valve amp into overdrive.

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