David Main (D*A*M)

Shi-saw! D*A*M Tone Bender MKI.....oh wait, I thought you weren't making MKI's no more? I ain't, Linz made this shit. Transistor set-up and paxolin chopping by Mr. Main, Harry Gurst skills by Miss. Haynes.

Stock-ish circuit. Mullard OC82DM's all the way. Boosted volume and stabilized Attack sweep, maybe too much for those who like it bat shit crazy. Usable tones from zero to ten. Kinda had the Elevators Nobody to Love tone in my head when I set em up. Not exactly a short chopped out decay but it's definitely a fuzzy fuzz rather than greasy fuzz.

Important shit, please read: The enclosures I acquired of Mr. Pigdog around 2 odd years ago, made by a buddy of his I believe. I got these to use as a prototype run for the TB-00, shit happened and it never went as planned so several years later here we are.

The enclosures are all a little different. The screw holes are kinda random, some folds are better than others. The top plate is aluminium and the base is steel. Due to this I've had to use some macka big machine screws to hold the things together. The aluminium fixing holes will strip fast if way over tightened. If you want to buy one of these you except the fact that these enclosures are what they are. They are structurally sound and perfectly fine for stomping on but fuck with the screws to heavily and it's Jimmy Page white tape time buzz for you.

I had the enclosures powder coated so the paint looks pretty good, the screen print reticulated on most. Again, they are what they are. The unit pictured is an average of the 8. Some slightly better, some slightly worse.

FYI - These units were screened when I owned the rights to the Tone Bender TM.

Brass tacks: 8 pieces in total. £180.00 each plus shipping costs. £10.20 UK, £21.00 USA, PM for a quote for other areas. VAT applicable in the UK and EU.

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