D*A*M Meathead - Silicon Fuzz Machine




This superior quality silicon transistor powered fuzz machine is as primitive as they come. One knob, input/output sockets, DC tap and a stomp switch. That's your lot. Designed for players who like it simple, don't want to break the bank and want a fuzz tone that will hit you up the side of your head like a bag of rusty spanners. The Meathead is an angry little fellow with plenty of output volume and a huge helping fuzzy goodness; it's one of the biggest sounding little boxes money can buy!!

The tone produced is very raw sounding with a woody organic quality which is more than capable of producing a huge wall of meaty fuzz that will maintain good string definition and clarity even at high saturation. The bass and treble response is perfectly balanced for a thick but dynamic fuzz tone that will clean up wonderfully with the guitar's volume backed off. The Meathead has very low background noise for such a high output device and features correctly biased gain selected silicon transistors so the tone is very fluid and articulate.

The voice of dirt

The Meathead features all the high quality parts and features you find on all out other pedals such as Ero Vishay metallised polyester film capacitors, BC components Electrolytic capacitors, 1% tolerance metal film resistors, audio grade Alpha potentiometer, Genuine Daka-ware Chicken head knob, Switchcraft jack sockets and gain selected audio grade transistors all lovingly enclosed in a heavy duty UK made cast aluminium enclosure finished in a highly durable stove enamelled hammer tone paint job.

The Controls

Just the one! Even through the Meathead has only one control many different tones can be achieved. As the Dirt control is turned up the signal gets fatter the sustain increases and the signal gets louder! Lowering the guitars volume control makes the tone fizzier and increases treble response.

Lowering your guitars volume control will give a variety of different fuzzy flavours. Running your Meathead into the clean channel on your amplifier will give a more "classic" or "retro" fuzz tone where as an overdriven channel will produce a heaver and more modern feeling fuzz, excellent for dropped tunings!!



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