D*A*M Grease Box - Solid State Pre-Amplified Germanium Overdrive



D*A*M (Differential Audio Manifestationz) about the GB-83 version

A very brief description of the GB-83 is that it is a glorified pre-amp, like most fuzz boxes, that is capable of varying degrees of saturation from mild overdrive to blown out fuzz. It is a very dynamic pedal and is also very gear responsive. As in, it will drive harder depending on your chosen instrument and will react differently depending on your amplifier and how it is set. We sold a bunch of these and fast then it pretty much stopped over night.

For most, silicon transistors ain't all that cool and I think for a fuzz box I took the dare I say 'transparency' thing a little too far. You can pretty much ride this thing all the way, the clean up is almost cleaner than your clean tone, which is not really what fuzz is all about. Just being honest in my thoughts. It is still one of my own favourite pedals that we have done but maybe the design I concocted was a little to personal to my own tastes. Most folk don't really want a fuzz box that will happily jam with old Celtic Frost riffs.

Built to the same high standards as any D*A*M noise maker with high quality components through-out. Transistor bias and set-up done by my own brain, assembly and solder love by Linzi.


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