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The FR-70. The silicon enhanced sister to the FR-69. We (D*A*M) are selling of the last 6 of these that we made in an auction format. This is the last of the FR-70. They go for what the go for. Thrown to the dogs. A few have very slight surface marks on the baseplate, I tried to photograph this but to no avail. For this reason I have listed this pedal as used but it is brand new in box with all paperwork and a 5 year guarantee.

In a nutshell, the FR-70 is a replica of the Rosac Nu Fuzz with a few twists and turns in the sonic make-up giving a bigger bottom and tighter midrange punch. Still has all the old school choppiness to the fuzz but with a more even dynamic spread. In other words it clean ups nicely from the guitar and plays nice with driven amps and other pedals.

The origin of the FR-70 was from an original early 70's Nu Fuzz that I had to play doctors and nurses with. The chalky orange Sprague brain was removed and the epoxy carefully chipped away. This circuit is not exactly like the silicon Fuzz Rite, or at least the model that was sacrificed wasn't. The tone stack is set-up differently, it gives a much more even and open tone. In A Gadda Da Vida it is not.

Built to the same high standards as any D*A*M noise maker with high quality components through-out. Transistor bias and set-up done by my own brain, assembly and solder love by Linzi.


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