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The Jetfuzz is not a clone of any production pedal- soundwise it can be described as a mix between a Muff and a Tonebender. The sound is not scooped as with a Muff - good sustain and in some settings can achieve a raw chainsaw fuzz or more of a distortion sound.

Jetfuzz features:
  • Volume , tone and two fuzz controls.
  • Stable silicon transistors.
  • Point to point hand wired on tagboard.
  • Powered with 9V DC supply (standard “Boss TM” type) only.
  • True bypass switch.

One of the unique features of the Jetfuzz is itÂ’s double gain control. While combining different settings you can achieve different sounds from fuzz to distortion. The tone control lets you dial the desired amount of treble and bass.

All DAG pedals feature:
  • Point to point circuit wired on tagboard.
  • 15mm folded steel custom enclosure designed for live performance.
  • Angled switch for easy operation, avoiding changes to the pedal settings when using.
  • Dimensions are optimized for pedalboards , input and output are located at the front not at the sides, saving space on your pedalboard and allowing for more pedals side by side (you can place more DAGÂ’s in the same level on a pedalboard than MXR style for example).
  • Proudly made on the Island of Mallorca, Spain

Can get some very odd sounds out of it in multiple settings, but it has a huge, open distortion when blown out with a turbocharged tube OD responsiveness, but doesn't get nasally or too compressed.

It's VERY sensitive to input signal strength/volume, with the front and end of some notes having a bit of choked sputter with the volume rolled off or a light pick attack, which can be very cool in of itself - but when you give it what it wants - mercy.

Choked off sputter to muffy fuzz to near full blown high gain distortion with fuzz/OD characteristics.

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