Dacs FREQue II Ring Modulator


  • Weight (2x)
  • Edge (2x)
  • Fine (2x)
    Varies around centre frequency by ca 5%
  • Coarse (2x)
    Varies centre frequency over selected range
  • Range (2x)
    Selects from frequency range of around 0.04 Hz to 28.5 Hz, 5 Hz to 153 Hz, 30 Hz to 1.3 kHz, and 111 Hz to 16.5 kHz
  • OSC2 to RM1
    Connects oscillator 2 to ring modulator 1 (disconnected when FREQue activated)
  • FM Switch
    Uses OSC1 to Frequency Modulate OSC2 - can work in conjunction with external CV input and FREQue
  • FM Depth
    Varies depth of Frequency Modulation
  • Input Level Mod 1
  • Input Level Mod 2
  • Input Level MUS 1
  • Input Level MUS 2
  • Out 1 Output Mix
  • Out 2 Output Mix
  • Freque
    Activates Frequency Shifter, OUTs 1 and 2 become frequency shifted versions (UP and DOWN respectively) of the combined MUSIC inputs shifted by the frequency of OSC2


  • Oscillator CV Inputs
    CV Inputs to each oscillator on two pole 1/4" jacks, 0-15V, V/Hz
  • Oscillator Outputs
    Output for both oscillators on two pole 1/4" jacks
  • Input
    1/4" jack, three pole, TRS balanced
  • Output
    1/4" jack, three pole, TRS balanced


Electronic Musician Award

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  • Freq Response
    Flat from <10Hz to a -3dB point at around 65kHz
  • Signal to Noise Ratio
    -82dB (equivalent to a good microphone set to medium gain)
  • Meters
    on MOD and Music I/P Green LED illuminates increasingly brightly from -40dB, orange LED illuminates increasingly brightly from +2dB
  • Oscillator
    Selects from four ranges in which COARSE and FINE vary the range - also has direct out and CV in to modulate FREQuencies even further
  • Levels
    Input level controls vary input gain from -6dB to +12dB. The output mixes between the MUS input and modulated output. For input levels of +4dBu to +12dBu output will be around +4dBu-+12dBu, maximum output level +20dBu

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