Custom Guitar Innovations 2 In 1 Fuzz Pedal


Custom Guitar Innovations

The item your viewing is the custom modifcation that was done to Jimi Hendrixs fuzz face pedal by ROGER MAYER his then guitar tech. The new one of a kind, 2 in 1 FUZZ FACE PEDAL, HENDRIX MOD FUZZ/ '66 SPEC FF " 100% Factory specification vintage style fuzz which also runs on the NKT-275 transistors, custom built. At CUSTOM GUITAR INNOVATIONS ('Custom sounds from the past and the present built today!') we aim to be the leading innovator in the market we're pleased to bring you the experience fuzz, the first ever true ressurection of Jimi's fuzz face, and only available here! This pedal was built specifically to end your hendrix sound fuzz quest once and for all. GENUINE NEW MARKET NKT-275 germanium transistor fuzz pedals in one box! Just click the switch with your foot to select fuzz of choice, just like preset buttons LED indicator lights. Total hands free operation! Two distinct authentic FUZZ FACE tones in one unit. Thanks to the help of a friend of mine a private collector who had the original unit built for Jimi, I has able to clone it part for part. These are made one by one by hand. Its sounds incredible outfitted with the original germanium NKT-275 transistors, its has a really smooth sound to like none other, but also at the same time increases sustain, presence, output, also chord definition is much improved, and cuts straight through the mix, to stand out from the others with reassurance of the same tone as the number one guitar legend, himself none other than Jimi Hendrix. Listen to it as that full Hendrix chord sings through. Only a few will be built and transistors are limited so act now.


  1. Alpha pots best in the industry
  2. True-bypass
  3. Professional Printed circuit board
  4. Original NKT-275 transistors perfectly audited and matched for gain
  5. Pre-biased
  6. Sturdy aluminum enclosure
  7. Switch craft connector jacks like used on english bus mixers
  8. DC jack !!!
  9. Thick chip resistant hammerite hammer tone paint baked on several times for durability.

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