Cusack Tap-A-Whirl


Cusack (2006-2008)

The Cusack Music Tap-A-Whirl is the world's first analog tremolo pedal with Tap Tempo built in.

Here are the major features of the pedal (see the manual for more details):

  • Tap your foot twice on the tempo switch to set the tempo.
  • Choose from 8 predefined wave forms, including: sine, ramp, blip, bleep, square, waver, echo, and ping pong
  • Adjust the depth of the tremolo.
  • Brake: You can speed up or slow down the tempo by holding the tempo switch down.
  • The third knob can be configured to do one of two functions:
    1. Fade in the tremolo effect, or
    2. Change the speed at which the tempo is adjusted using the brake function.
    This is set by moving a jumper, which is included with the pedal. The default setting is to change the tempo adjust speed.

additions in 2010

  • External Tap: Use as a Tap In, or a Tap Out.
  • Stereo Output: Selectable by an internal jumper to change this pedal from a mono output to a stereo output.
  • Bank switch moved to top.
  • Live/Preset switch moved from internal to top.


myFXDB user reviews

1 review, average score of 8 / 10

2015-12-12wiendahlv38/10  this thing was really great. so many features packed into such a small box, it's kind of ridiculous. these guys are ahead of the many knobs in such a tight spot it's hard to turn just one with a foot. so many waveforms it would take many moons to use them all

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