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Some sneak peaks (August 18, 2010)

Tap-A-Delay almost finished. To be unveiled in Nashville at the amp Expo this weekend.

Original analog signal mixed with a digital delay. I was dead set against digital, until I heard what this sounded like! Once you hear it, you'll understand why you don't need Analog for a good sounding delay...

Hold the Tap Tempo switch and it SLOWS DOWN. When you let go, what does it do? Either:

  1. Stays where it is?
  2. Snaps back to the original Tempo?
  3. Drifts back to the original tempo?

If you guessed ALL THREE you are right! 3 position toggle selects what it does when you let go...

Cusack Music (2017)

The Tap-A-Delay is a 750mS digital delay that mixes the original analog signal with the delayed signal. It is gritty and a bit noisy and very analog sounding. This isn’t your clean studio quality digital delay with perfect repeats.

Here is a rundown of the controls and features:

  • Level, Mix, Feedback and Delay knobs as you would expect. The Delay time can be set with the knob or by pressing the Tap Speed switch twice. When tapping the tempo, the Divide toggle selects 1/8, *1/8, and 1/4.
  • The Modulation Knob is an 8 position switch that selects several warm modulation themes as well as a few outer space themes.
  • The Mode switch decides how the brake function works.
    • Left: holding the brake will alternate between slowing down and speeding up. When you release the switch, it stays right where it was.
    • Middle: ”Snap Back”. Holding the switch will either slow down or speed up (depending on how you set it up). When you release the switch it snaps back to the original tempo.
    • Right: “Slide Back”. Slide back is the same as Snap Back, except the tempo slides back to the original tempo slowly. To select between Speed Up and Slow Down for the Slide and Snap modes, just tap both foot switches. The light will blink to let you know it changed. If it was Speed Up, it will now be Slow Down.
  • Internally, there is a “brightness” pot that adjusts the tone of the repeats. All the way up is bright, with a lot of clock noise coming through. All the way down is very dark. 2 O’clock seems to be a good “middle ground.”


  • Standard 9V center negative power supply or 9V battery (neither is included).


  • 4.66" L x 3.86" W (incluiding jacks) x 1.97" H (including knobs).


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