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The Tiny Verb is the "never-off" version of our Reverb. It has all the same specs as the standard version down to the reverb module itself. It lacks bypass, but is less than half the size! Perfect for those of you using switching systems, or who like to play with reverb on all the time, but don't have it on your amp.


  • Dry: Sets the amount of your original signal mixed in with the reverb.
  • Wet: Sets the amount of reverb mixed in with your original signal.
  • Size: How big do you want the reverberations? Go from pub to amphitheater in the sweep of a knob.
  • Texture: Simulates wall texture. Turned all the way down, the reverb sounds much darker and more muted. Diming it will get you a very bright, present reverb.


  • Requires a standard, center-negative 9V power supply (sold separately).
  • "Texture" knob glows red when power is applied.

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