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If youÂ’ve ever plugged your bass into a regular fuzz box and been unimpressed, itÂ’s because theyÂ’re designed to limit the extreme low end allowed into the amp.  This is fine for the 6-stringers, but not ideal at all for bass.

The Never-Off Series* Scruzz Bass is designed to fix this.  Like the Scream Bass, itÂ’s a Tube Screamer-inspired overdrive modified for bass guitar, but this has an additional fuzz circuit for EVEN MORE GAIN.

You can mix either the overdrive or the fuzz to your liking.  As a result, the Scruzz Bass runs the full gamut of gain, from subtle grit to buzz saw.  Whether youÂ’re covering Cream or Muse, or creating your own sounds, this pedal should help get you there.


  • Drive (gain)
  • Fuzz
  • Level (volume)
  • 3-way clipping toggle (left: silicon, middle: LED, right: Schottky)


  • Standard, center negative 9V DC supply.
  • Current draw: ~9mA (dimed with guitar input).


  • 3.66" L x 1.52" W x 1.24" H

*Cusack “Never-Off" series pedals do not come equipped with true bypass switches or battery power capability.  These products are meant to work with a switcher system.

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