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The Cusack More Louder is the tone of your guitar, but More of it, and Louder!

There is a toggle switch to select between True Bypass, and Buffered Bypass. Then just a single "Gain" knob, to select how much boost you have while on.

With the Cusack More Louder in Buffered Bypass mode, you will notice sounds from your guitar that you didn't hear before. Because it's a high impedance buffer, it does not load down your guitars pickups. As a result, you get the full rang out of your pickups. Nothing is lost in the cabling, or by the input of your amp or other effects.

Cusack Music (2017)

The Cusack More Louder is still the small pedal that produces big sound. Featuring 0dB to over 25dB of clean boost. The More Louder is not a treble boost, so it won’t affect your tone. You will get your pure guitar coming through, but More Louder.

The toggle switch lets you select between either Buffered or True Bypass while it’s in the bypass mode. When the Cusack More Louder is off and in Buffered Bypass mode, your amp will sound crisp and clear, like you have never heard it before.  Experiencing issues with degrading tone caused by long cable runs or too many pedals stacked together on your pedal board?  Here’s the answer you are looking for.

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