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Handmade & Analog

Each Farmer's Mill unit is based on analog technology and carefully manufactured with the state of the art quality and precision. We guarantee high performance value and original design to go hand in hand.

Here's how it works.

Farmer's Mill is a stompbox guitar pedal. It has three control knobs and one footswitch. While you press the footswitch every single note starts burning and breaking.

Over the past years we have developed an easy way to control "The Mill" effect.


Farmer's Mill was developed by an experienced team of worldwide recognized architects. Its overall design was carried out being mindful of the importance of balance between appearance and functionality.


  • Controls

    • Footswitch: Located in the middle of "The Mill" logo. It engages the Farmer's Mill. While you keep it pressed your sound is being burned, crushed and damaged.

    • Mix: Allows you to specify the amount of output wet signal. From delicate vintage radio/vinyl dirt to fully crushed and demolished sound.
      Since guitar players have their own tone Farmer's Mill stays transparent and does not change it. It is a soundscape spice of your choice and you choose how to add it.

    • Rate: Lets you choose the rate of signal breaking. It has nothing to do with the typical time signature scheme since there is no such in chaos. You can have it slower or faster and please believe us that this is the way it works the best.

    • Mill: The heart of Farmer's Mill. There are four dedicated types of "The Mill". We discovered that fluctuation of sound crushing and burning can vary to your ears. One might choose to always step into the same electric mud while others might wish to be surprised every single time.
      First position of the knob brings you closer to the safe place while the following steps take you to the more and more chaotic distribution of the crush sound. The last position of "The Mill" knob is a total unknown.
  • LED indicators

    • Right LED indicates the work of Farmer's Mill. It is orange and flashes while the STOMP SWITCH is being pressed.
    • Left LED turns red once your battery runs low.
  • True bypass

    • In order to allow users to exclude Farmer's Mill from the effect chain we designed a True Bypass switch on the front panel.

  • Battery

    • Farmer's Mill operates on 9V battery which is located inside the stompbox. In order to change the battery you need to unscrew the casing.
    • The battery is running only when the input jack is inserted.
  • DC in

    • Designed for 9V / 100 mA +>- power adapter.
    • The power adapter is not included.
  • Casing

    • Farmer's Mill is a heavy duty stompbox. Its dimensions are:
      • L: 7.1 in / 180 mm
      • W: 5,9 in / 150 mm
      • H: 1,2 in / 30 mm - 2 in / 50 mm
    • The enclosure is made of 1mm steel. It is powder coated in vintage cream white color. The serigraphy is made in black.
    • In order to become black the top side screws are custom oxidized in boiling industrial machine oil by Crushsound.


The Farmer's Mill idea was brought by Jedrzej Lewandowski more than a decade ago. This idea was simple - to break the guitar sound.

It took us several years to find out there is no such guitar pedal available that enables a guitar player to break the sound. We have searched everywhere and the only gear capable of producing broken sound was the broken gear.

As an architect Jedrzej gained worldwide recognition thanks to his House On The Water project. However his vision of creativity still involved something appealing in the idea of the reverse design process. In architecture it’s usually called a controlled demolition. In music we have defined this type of performance as "The Mill".

Every mill has its father - the carpenter. Slawomir Badowski, the shaman of electronics, rolled in as the Sound Engineering Carpenter. He emerged as the distinguished explorer of new "sound lands". Deeply researching and developing the idea of sound crushing he has marked himself as the Inventor of the Electronic Heart of Farmer's Mill.

These two would have never met if not the helping hand and encouragement skills of Lukasz Badowski - son of Slawomir, Jedrzej's long time friend and a born for the stage steamroller vocalist.

Together the trio took effort to found Crushsound and manufacture the Farmer’s Mill.



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