Crucial Audio DUB-1 WideBand Vacuum Tube Direct Box


Crucial Audio

DUB-1 is a Wideband Vacuum Tube Direct Box, delivering one of the widest frequency response performance in the professional audio industry. DUB-1 features durable construction, low distortion, a low noise floor, and tube warmth at an affordable price. Use DUB-1 as an interface for your recording studio or live sound system to sweeten the tone of your instruments with Crucial Audio's critically acclaimed vacuum tube circuitry.

Product Features

  • Ultra-Wide Frequency Response: 30Hz -110KHz (PassBand Ripple < 3dB)

  • Low Distortion: THD<.03% @ 1KHz .1Vrms Input or .707Vrms Input with -15dB Pad
  • Low Noise Design: Vnoise < 100dBVrms
  • Low Impedance Balanced Output - with Selectable Phase & Ground Lift Switches

  • High Impedance Input - with Selectable 15dB Pad

  • High Impedance Output - with Selectable Pre/Post Switch

  • Rugged Laser Etched Anodized Extruded Aluminum Enclosure

  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

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