Crossfire TRM-507 Tremolo



Another great product from Crossfire. This retro looking Tremolo pedal is of robust construction yet light-weight at only 225g. The tremolo feature is controlled by the following three function rotary pots - Rate, Depth and Wave controls.

A great sounding unit that won't leave you in a state of fiscal retardation :)


  • Input Impedance : 1M ohm.
  • Output Impedance : 1K ohm less.
  • Normal Input level : -20dBu.
  • Normal Output level : -20dBu.
  • Rate Control : 90ms ~ 900ms.
  • Current Draw : 20mA.
  • Connectors : Input jack, Output jack,
  • DC Input.
  • Controls : Rate, Wave, Depth.
  • Bypass : Split.
  • Dimensions : W110mm X H 60mm X 53mm.
  • Weight : 225g

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