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Sunsteam is the sweet and striking boutique touch that will set your tone apart. This tone brightener effect is a true tonal maestro, allowing you to dial in the precise voice you desire. With a wide range and robust control, Starshine puts your ideal sound within reach.

Using clean, active filtering stages, this pedal cuts and boosts frequency ranges over the entire playable spectrum. Enhancing desired harmonics and reducing unwanted ones creates a smooth and creamy tone with concentrated resonance and clarity. Controls for Boost, High, and Low give you absolute control over the harmonic manipulation. Boost provides a slight up/down gain on the output signal. This allows further tempering of the output, and is especially useful as an intermediate element of control in a chain of multiple effects. The High control manipulates the amount of treble range harmonics in the final mix, either slicing them out or boosting them into shiny and ringing prominence. Low provides the same control for the bass ranges harmonics, and can boost lows into dark and boomy croons. Working High and Low in conjunction melds together the full tonal range and allows for the generation of beautifully tempered timbres.

Sunsteam puts you’re playing exactly where you want it to be. Bring gorgeous and subtle overtones to the foreground and hide harsh, high-order harmonics that muddy up your desired delivery.  Use it alone for a clean and defined voice, or use it after a fuzz or distortion to enrich and vary the harmonic madness. This pedal absolutely kills after a Girl with that Attitude and her inherent harmonic complexity.


  • Sunsteam: Tone Brightener Effect
  • Controls: Low, Boost, High
  • Power Supply: Regulated 9 Volt DC Power Supply or 9 Volt battery (5.5 x 2.1 mm center negative barrel jack (standard BOSS-style) Power Supply - auto-select circuit disconnects battery when barrel jack is plugged in)
  • LED Indicator: Gold (First Edition)
  • Pedal Footprint: 4.67” x 3.68”
  • Current Draw: 12 mA
  • Input Impedance: 100k ohms
  • Output Impedance: <10k ohms


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