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The Sneezy Cat brings back to life the vintage tremolo sound that you have been denied for forty years. Forged from the mold of classic amplifier tremolo effects, Sneezy Cat couples the highly desired tones and responses of yore with the quality and reliability of today.

With a flexible sinusoidal waveform, this pedal produces smooth and organic tremolo sounds over a wide range of operation. Controls for Rate and Depth allow for the manipulation of the effect's frequency and intensity. The Hi/Lo switch provides an additional element of control by toggling the tremolo waveform between two frequency spectra; Hi ranging up to ring modulator or Hammond like tones and Lo down to deep swells and tempo matching speeds. Variation of Rate and Depth within these ranges allows for precise control over the entire effect span from rapid, subtle tone coloring to drawn and pronounced oscillation, and everything else around or in-between.

This little grey beast boasts user friendly operation, making dialing in the perfect sound a no hassle affair. Sneezy Cat also operates without the pronounced volume loss of many other tremolo effects, so there is no need to compensate in your playing or settings. And of course, this pedal sports all of the quality features of CrockettDial Productions: true bypass, high precision components, complete in-house production, and quality hand assembly and testing.


  • Sneezy Cat: Tremolo Effect
  • Controls: Rate, Depth, Hi/Lo
  • Power Supply: Regulated 9 Volt DC Power Supply or 9 Volt battery (5.5 x 2.1 mm center negative barrel jack (standard BOSS-style) Power Supply - auto-select circuit disconnects battery when barrel jack is plugged in)
  • LED Indicator: Gold (First Edition)
  • Pedal Footprint: 4.67” x 3.68”
  • Current Draw: 17 mA
  • Input Impedance: 95k ohms
  • Output Impedance: <10k ohms


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