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The OttaWah Screwjob spreads the love that we have for all of creation to the too often overlooked and lonely bass players of the world (that it also brings the funk on six stringers will be our little secret). Modeled on the classic dynamic auto-wah effects of the early 70's, the OttaWah Screwjob produces that fat and funky tone that lives on in all of our memories and desires.

Multiple dynamic envelope filters phase through the input signal creating fresh and mouthy wah-wah tones. The sweep of these filters is modulated by the articulation of your attack, as well as the Sweep control. The Sweep control sets the filters' range of response to the envelope generated by your attack. This range spans from extremely subtle to very pronounced and throaty wah modulations. Switching on the Gargle control kicks in the murderously harmonic-rich distortion that is reminiscent of a voice box full of gravel. With the Gargle distortion engaged, the Sweep dial acts as a level control for the deliciously garbled wah.

The OttaWah Screwjob is dialed in to all the sweet spots along the bass frequency spectrum to assure the richest resonances and tones. This calibration is controlled by two trimpots on the circuit board, however, and can be altered slightly to play around in other frequency ranges. As always, all of the CrockettDial Production touches are here:  true bypass, high precision components, complete in-house production, and quality hand assembly and testing.  


  • OttaWah Screwjob: Auto-Wah Effect
  • Controls: Sweep, Gargle
  • Power Supply: Regulated 9 Volt DC Power Supply or 9 Volt battery (5.5 x 2.1 mm center negative barrel jack (standard BOSS-style) Power Supply - auto-select circuit disconnects battery when barrel jack is plugged in)
  • LED Indicator: Gold (First Edition)
  • Pedal Footprint: 5.72” x 4.77”
  • Current Draw: 15 mA
  • Input Impedance: 240k ohms
  • Output Impedance: 1.5k ohms


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