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The Kwaker (pronounced much in the same fashion that a fine feathered friend might) immaculately embodies that elusive and mystical enigma that is fuzz. Dipping into the voodoo and mojo of late 60’s fuzz effects, the Kwaker faithfully delivers that seemingly magical tone that is so reverently sought after in reproduction after reproduction.

Incorporating novel approaches and vintage roots, the Kwaker deals out that creamy and deliciously textured fuzz that once dwelt only within obsolete transistors and burnt out tubes. This pedal utilizes specialized harmonic tempering to create fuzz decadently rich in lush harmonics with fat and screaming overtones and sustain that just won’t quit. True to the classic mold of fuzz designed strictly to kill, the Kwaker simply provides controls for Volume and Fuzz. Further articulation of your final tone is achieved through the guitar’s volume knob and the aggression of your attack. The Fuzz control treats the ‘gain’ of the distortion; removing or adding hairier harmonics to the mix. Volume controls the level of the output and works in conjunction with the Fuzz control. Increased volume levels open up and reveal the depth of harmonic opulence at any given Fuzz setting. With the Volume opened up and Fuzz cranked down low the pedal will generate more of an octave effect, revealing the base harmonic enrichment that really gives the Kwaker its warm and shining voice.

This orange monster touts a sound that transcends generations and points back to the tone that has defined rock and roll for decades. Each Kwaker is hand tuned in shop to ensure that its unique temperament meets the exact quality that is demanded of it. And as sure as anything, this little guy includes all Crockett Dial Productions quality features: true bypass, high precision components, complete in-house production, and quality hand assembly and testing.


  • Kwaker: Fuzz Effect
  • Controls: Volume, Fuzz
  • Power Supply: Regulated 9 Volt DC Power Supply or 9 Volt battery (5.5 x 2.1 mm center negative barrel jack (standard BOSS-style) Power Supply - auto-select circuit disconnects battery when barrel jack is plugged in)
  • LED Indicator: Gold (First Edition)
  • Pedal Footprint: 4.67” x 3.68”
  • Current Draw: 14 mA
  • Input Impedance: 150k ohms
  • Output Impedance: 20k ohms


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