Critically Overdriven The Lenny Fuzz


Critically Overdriven

The Lenny Fuzz is a germanium fuzz box designed to produce the gnarly fuzz tones found in the legendary Baldwin-Burns "Buzzaround". NOS AC125 PNP transistors are the source of fuzz in this unit and represent the only change that has been made to the tone side of the original Circuit.

Controls consist of "Sustain" for adjusting fuzz saturation, "Tone" for boosting/cutting mid and treble frequencies and "Volume" for controlling the pedals output.

Tones produced by this pedal range from mild and fuzzy to super saturated and monstrous with the ability to produce infinite sustain.

The power side of the original circuit has been altered to allow the unit to be powered by either an internal battery or any standard individual or isolated 9 volt supply. Just like the original, The Lenny Fuzz derives tone from PNP transistors and can not be used with daisy-chain power supplies.

A zinc/carbon battery is included with each unit to further your ability to produce vintage fuzz tones.

The enclosure measures 4.7”x 3.7”x 1.2” and features a burgundy powder coat with yellow silk screened graphics.

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