Crimsontone Tono - Shaper



The Tono "shaper" is a 2-band Tone Stack in a stompbox. Great for livening up a dark tone, or beefing up a thin one. With a twist of the Volume knob, you can boost or cut the overall output to achieve a wide range of tones. Both the High and Low shelving EQ bands can be used to boost or cut at one of two selectable cut-off frequencies.

  • High cut-off: 1.5kHz/3kHz
  • Low cut-off: 300Hz/600Hz

By switching these frequencies in various configurations, you can give your tone a customizable mid-frequency dip or boost. For those that like a mid boost for leads, the Volume control will even add a tiny bit of grit when boosted. With all knobs set at the 12 o'clock position, the pedal will sound nearly identical to your true bypassed tone for a highly transparent sound.

  • High and Low boost/cut shelving EQ
  • Completely flat response at unity setting
  • Volume boost/cut with slight drive at full boost
  • Two selectable frequencies for both bands

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