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Designed especially for bass. 12dB pristine boost, funk-u-licious notch, monstrous colorless overdrive & distortion controls, and 6dB Hi-Cut shelf, FULL bass fidelity, ZERO tone loss

Creation Audio Labs

Overdrive Distortion effects to make your bass growl like a grizzly!

Grizzly Bass is a different kind of animal created with the pro player in mind. Like a tube pre-amp but without the fragile tubes or heavy transformers.  Drawing from the experience and technological advancements of the Holy Fire, MW1 and Funkulator; Grizzly Bass has studio specs and stunning aesthetics.

  • Clean Boost - from off to +12dB.
  • Overdrive - analog wave shaping tube simulator technology.
  • Distortion - Hard edge clipping circuitry.
  • Funkulator tone shaping contour control.
  • Hi-cut filter to shape edges for vintage speaker simulation.
  • Pristine Redeemer buffered output, use as a DI to plug directly into the line-in of any sound system.
  • Uses 9VDC 250mA* standard tip-negative 5.5 x 2.1mm barrel connector.
  • Small footprint 3.25" x 4.75".

Typical distortion pedals use a ton of gain and clipping.  This creates a lot of unwanted noise which needs to be heavily filtered and that thins out the tone. This is why pedals intended for guitar don’t work well for bass.  Grizzly Bass borrows analog wave-shaping technology from the Holy Fire to re-shape the waveform and achieve tube-like FX without adding noise or heavy filters, preserving your bass tone all the way down to 20Hz.  Try it out on a guitar, it's our best pedal yet!

This technology makes Grizzly Bass a very musical pedal that responds to your touch. Play with a softer attack and velocity for a cleaner sound, or dig in and the Grizzly Bass goes there with you – with as much grit as you need. It’s here to serve you, not the other way around!  Control the effect with your playing dynamics.  When you plug directly into a sound system or use a solid-state amp, Grizzly Bass is a great alternative to a bulky, fragile and expensive tube preamp.

*For best results use the High-Current output of your power brick.


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