Crazy Tube Circuits Ziggy


Crazy Tube Circuits

Ziggy is an overdrive designed to behave like a real tube amp. With discrete signal path and a unique gain control you can go from a dirty top boost to an old school british crunch.

Harmonics and touch sensitivity is where this pedal really shines. You don't even have to use your guitar's volume to play clean, you just hit your stings softer. Just like a good old British amp!

Crazy Tube Circuits

Ziggy is a low to medium gain overdrive that is designed to respond like a tube amp. Unlike most overdrives it does not feature a “mojo” opamp but cascaded discrete (MOSFET) gain stages that give ultra touch sensitivity.

Gain knob acts as a voicing control adding more bass as you turn clockwise, choosing from jangly and sparkling clean to thick crunch of a tube rectified amp . Tone knob behaves as a presence control adding bite to your tone.

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