Crazy Tube Circuits Vyagra Boost


Crazy Tube Circuits

This high headroom clean boost circuit (based on a mofset quad op-amp from TI) is ideal for boosting volume and/or shaping tonal characteristics for solos.

The VB is also an outstanding choice for acoustic instruments as a buffer/preamp due to its outstanding transparency and full frequency response.

Crazy Tube Circuits

Vyagra Boost provides up to 25db of full range clean boost designed to make you sound “huge” no matter where you place it in your signal chain.

Use it to overdrive your favorite dirt pedal / tube amp or boost volume for solos.

With the footswitchable parametric eq (+/- 15db @ 150-1200Hz) you can alter the frequency response of a guitar/pedal or mimic a fixed position wah.

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