Crazy Tube Circuits Black Magic


Crazy Tube Circuits

Utilizing JFET technology and cascaded gain stages this pedal is capable of tube-like high gain distortion/fuzz. The signal is being amplified first and then clipped many times before it hits a power amp emulation circuit (E.P.T.S. ™) for the most dynamic playing.

You can go from clean to crunch and up to high gain using only your guitar's volume. A post distortion 3 band passive EQ along with a presence control which is there to match the pedal to all kinds of amps. A mini toggle switch activates a post gain upper-mid boost.

Crazy Tube Circuits

A high gain distortion pedal designed to transform your clean amp to a monster. Utilizing JFET technology and mimicking the signal path of a high gain tube amp with a 3band passive eq Black Magic blends vintage with modern.

The gain range along with the boost toggle switch allows for low overdrive – crunchy sounds to fully saturated gain sounds with huge amounts of sustain but also with full clarity and definition that can clean up with your guitar’s volume knob. Stoners will love it.

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