Correct Sound Tube Beta Hybrid


Correct Sound

It a hybrid pedal in a compact box size 187mm x 120mm x 38mm with two channels: tube and "stone". The base of the tube channel is scheme of the preamp Sunn Model-T (1973) on two 12ax7EH tubes. The "stone" section will have preamp from Sunn beta bass amplifier.

This pedal has two outputs, one of which will have constant signal from tube preamp, the other one will have one of 4 possible variants depending on commutation. All commutation works with the help of three footswitches. "Tube" and "beta" switches on corresponding channel. When both switches are on, the signal passes through channels sequentially and switch "revers" gives direction of the signal ("tube" after "beta" or vice versa).

Each channel has classical guitar set of regulators (gain, bass, mid, treble, level) and master volume.


  • channels: 2 (tube, beta)
  • channel tube:
    • tube is based on preamplifier of SUNN Model-T (1973)
    • passive EQ
    • separate output
  • channel beta:
    • beta is based on preamplifier SUNN beta bass (or beta lead)
    • Active EQ
  • Separate adjustment on each channel
    • drive
    • bass
    • mid
    • treb
    • level
  • master volume
  • footswitch - tube, beta, revers
  • U - 12VAC (Power Supply not included)

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