Correct Sound Corso FX16G - Digital Effects Processor


Correct Sound

Digital guitar effects processor.

Hand made.

This pedal is produced by order. Manufacturing period 4-8 weeks.


  1. Spring Reverb: Reverb Decay Time
  2. Room Reverb: Reverb Decay Time
  3. Hall Reverb: Reverb Decay Time
  4. Slapback Reverb: Reverb Decay Time
  5. Delay: Delay Time
  6. Delay Reverb: Delay Time
  7. Chorus: Chorus Depth
  8. Chorus Reverb: Decay
  9. Flanger: Flanger Rate
  10. Phaser: Phaser Rate
  11. LFO Wah: Wah Rate
  12. Tremolo: TimeTremolo Rate
  13. Reverb Tremolo: Tremolo Rate
  14. Rotary Speaker: Rotary Speaker Speed Fast/Slow
  15. Rotary Speaker Rev.: Rotary Speaker Speed Fast/Slow
  16. Octave: Octave Up/Down

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