Coron DC-841 Jet Flanger & Filter Matrix


  • Filter Matrix
    turns the LFO wave on and off (for manual flanging = filter matrix)
  • Width Shift
    switches between a small and bigger shift for the flanger
  • Speed
    controls the speed/rate of the LFO wave that controls the flanger
  • Width
    controls the depth of the LFO wave that controls the flanger
  • Feedback
    controls the feedback/resonance of the flanger
  • Jet Level
    controls the amount of distortion
  • Normal/Flanger
    switches the effect on/off
  • Jet On/Off
    turns the distortion on/off


a 1981 Coron brochure

This Jet Flanger & Filter Matrix can make excellent electronic Synthesizer sounds by adjusting your controls & switches.

This model has been designed with improved noise and distortion specifications on Flanger section. Also this model designed for three way power supplies: two 9 volt dry battery, 18 volt D.C. adaptor, & 12 ~ 20 volt A.C. into non phase adaptor jack. That 18 volt D.C. adaptor you can use + or - center lined D.C. adaptor unit. The WIDTH SHIFT switch gives you twice or half of Delay time. We hope you try this model and please find out your own specially sounds. You can have LED lamp indication for Flanger ON & Jet ON, which is easy to be known. Also, you can use only Flanger or Jet by switching foot switch.

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  • Dimensions
    190 x 130 x 50&30mm

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