Copper Gear Distorta Azura


  • Bias
  • Volume
  • Gain


The Distorta Azura is CopperGear's ode to fat fuzz lovers everywhere. The Azura was designed using the Distorta Obscura and as such shares the same analog purity and transistor bias control of its progenitor.

A deep thick fuzz pours continuously from this pedal until you start playing with the bias control, and then things can get really interesting. Turn the bias down and you starve the transistors of power causing the sound to breakup and deteriorate. Turn it down even more and it can start to have gate like properties where the lighter you play the less gets through. Or crank the bias up and you can get that fat wall of fuzz the pedal was built for. On top of that it has a gain control which gives even more control. From a nice full fuzz on up to an unbelievably deep smooth saturation fuzz that lets you virtually paint with sound.

At CopperGear we don't try to craft any specific sound. We leave that up to you. So we don't lock our pedals down to stop them from oscillating or squealing if they're cranked or from whatever you do to them. We want you to be able to play with that grey area if you want to. Because you never know what you'll come up with.

The Distorta Azura features:

  • Acid etched 20 gauge copper
  • Hand cut and stained solid wood sides
  • Recessed input and output jacks
  • Hardened knob rails
  • Volume, Degree(gain), and Bias controls
  • Heavy duty true bypass stomp switch
  • Heavy duty center positive 2.1mm power jack
  • 9v battery adapter cable

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