Copilot FX Trek - PWM Fuzz


It's a variable pulse width Fuzz pedal. The signal at the input is converted into a square wave with a variable duty cycle control (sets the proporttion of on/off time of the wave). Trek spots two simple controls vol to set the desire amount of output and Range to set the desire duty cycle, this parameter is also controllable via an expression jack, to provide the option to achieve pulse width modulation.

The range at min (there's no sound) increasing it gets very trebbly, thin and trashy, then at half more balanced, if you continue increasing it start to become more gated on the high notes spectrum (high register on g,b and e strings) and more balls on the bass section.

Trek expression jack needs a 10k TRS expression pedal (higher values will have some off spots), also will accept 5v Control Voltage (better control if you can set the amount of max and min voltages points of the cv) and also is compatible with the Copilot Fx Broadcast.


  • Dimensions 4.37" x 2.37"
  • Vol and Range Knobs.
  • TRS Expression Jack for external control of the Pulse Width, CV compatible.
  • Broadcast Compatible
  • Powered only by DC 9v power Jack (center negative) no batteries, located on top.
  • True Bypass Switching and Led Indicator.
  • Lifetime warranty

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