Copilot FX Dubscope



Copilot FX

Gated Fuzz + Bandpass Filter + Triangle Lfo + 4 step sequencer = Dubscope.

This pedal was inspired to get/achieve/simulate wobble Dubstep style bass tones, there are 4 steps knobs (I to IV) that will set the rate of the triangle lfo that is modulating the filter. There's an exp jack for manual control of the rate in case you want to bypass the 4 steps sequencer. There's a longer non editable sequence activated when the right toggle is down.

You can bypass the modulation of the filter, lowering the range and increasing the aux, for some filtered fuzz tone, for added versatility so you can use it on your pedalboard, plus a blend control in case you want tobring back your original bass tone.

But the fun doesnt stop yet, the middle toggle activates a stutter tremolo that will slice your signal (the rate of the stutter will be controled by the triangle lfo when it's modulated by the 4 step sequencer or exp jack).

1st stomp is for bypass, 2nd one is for tap to set the rate of the sequencer.

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